Mold Sensitized Purpose

To provide in depth, well-researched information on mold, serving the interests of mold sensitized individuals, physicians, and contractors.

Mold Information for Sensitized Individuals

This site is dedicated to mold sensitized individuals who are currently living with the health issues associated with exposure to water damaged buildings. We strive to provide you with extensive information and research to help you cope with your condition and provide you with solutions to get better.

Mold Information for Physicians

This site is also dedicated to the many physicians who understand the latest science related to the health impacts that water damaged buildings have on the long-term health of their patients. Their continued investigation into the causes and treatments of biotoxin illness is leading to real hope for people who have felt that there was no answer for their ailments.

Mold Information for Contractors

This site is dedicated to the hard working remediation contractors that empathize and realize that providing a safe home to mold sensitized individuals requires a greater understanding of every aspect of a mold remediation project, including source removal, content cleaning, decontamination of HVAC systems, and elimination of microbial reservoirs from the entire structure.

Our ultimate goal is to help mold sensitized individuals find safe havens in their home by offering information based upon over 30 years of working with mold sensitized individuals.

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This website is brought to you by Wonder Makers Environmental, Inc. Michael A. Pinto, is the Chief Executive Officer.


The primary reason that Michael has been so successful in assisting individuals suffering from biotoxin illness, who have become sensitized to their environment, is that he can help them see the “big picture” of their unique situation.


Once a person’s specific situation is put into the proper perspective it becomes much easier to guide them in developing a detailed plan for fixing the problems.


Michael focuses on common sense practices that work to “heal” the home or workplace so that the person can use it as a refuge in which to get well. This broad perspective integrates concepts from many parts of the cleaning and restoration industries, which produce documented results.



Michael A. Pinto is chief executive officer of Wonder Makers Environmental, Inc., a manufacturing and environmental consulting firm that specializes in identification and control of asbestos, lead, IAQ, mold, industrial hygiene, and chemical problems. Mr. Pinto is the author of over 230 published articles and several books including, Fungal Contamination: A Comprehensive Guide for Remediation and Forensic Restoration: Procedures to Protect Operators and Occupants.


He completed doctoral course work in environmental engineering and holds numerous certifications in the environmental and safety areas, including Certified Safety Professional, Certified Mold Professional, and Certified Forensic Operator. In addition to being a frequent speaker at industry events, Michael has been honored with such prestigious awards as the Golden Quill, Martin L. King Award, the Phoenix Award for Innovative Restoration from the Restoration Industry Association, President’s and Emeritus Board Award from the Environmental Information Association. He serves on the board of the BioPTO and as the chairperson of the Environmental Council for the Restoration Industry Association (RIA).

For over 40 years Michael A. Pinto has provided professional safety and industrial hygiene

services related to a wide variety of indoor contaminants. From asbestos to mold he has

been on the forefront of industry trends and shared expertise related to lead control, IAQA

and sick building syndrome, radon, and chemicals. Recently, he helped to develop forensic

restoration as a separate subcategory of the general restoration field.


Manage Mold Podcast

The Manage Mold podcast was made for families on a health journey that NEED the real, no-holds-barred answers on how to create - and ensure - a healthy home. With more than 35-years in the industry, your host Dean Mahlstedt will share how you can make your home the healthiest place for your family to be. Dean, along with his guests, who are industry experts in their respective fields, will be sharing the latest information on mold, mold remediation, water intrusion, and what it takes to make (and keep) a healthy home. You can learn more at: