Remediation for Sensitized Individuals Course

There is a critical need for environmental contractors who are specifically trained to help sensitized people find a safe haven in their homes. This one-day technical seminar is designed for mold remediation contractors, cleaning companies, inspectors, and others who are serious about assisting sensitized people. It offers a comprehensive approach to these challenging situations by addressing every aspect of a mold remediation project, including source removal, content cleaning, decontamination of HVAC systems, and elimination of microbial reservoirs from the entire structure.

While many contractors advertise services that address water-damaged buildings, few of them have taken the time to study the ever expanding science related to building contaminants and health, or even the latest remediation techniques. Since a growing group of physicians are specializing in biotoxin illness related to water-damaged buildings, restoration and cleaning contractors are being called upon to assist with projects where their effectiveness has a direct impact on the health of the occupants.

In such cases both the clients and the contractor are learning the hard way that standard mold remediation protocols are not enough. This training program bridges the gaps in the current standard of care for fungal remediation to help those people battling to regain their health after a biotoxin illness by linking them with contractors that understand the ramifications of their actions. 

In the past, one of the most difficult aspects of addressing the environmental component of a biotoxin illness is that even good contractors were not sure how to determine whether an occupied space was "clean enough" after remediation. Contractors who complete this new program will learn of specific endpoints that have been shown to be beneficial for sensitized individuals.

Continuing education credits: 

IICRC-1 credit


Nine-part webinar—A Practical Approach to Assisting Sensitized Individuals: Click here.


Michael A. Pinto is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) who serves as the chief executive officer of Wonder Makers Environmental, Inc. He has a master’s degree from Western Michigan University and completed post-graduate coursework in Environmental Engineering. He also holds the designation of Certified Mold Professional (CMP). Michael’s unique ability to present technical information in an easily understood and entertaining manner has helped bring about his recognition in the industry as an educator, and is evident in over 150 published articles and several books, including Fungal Contamination: A Comprehensive Guide for Remediation, which he has authored.


8:00-Registration/sign in
10:45-Whole Structure Cleaning
1:00-HVAC Cleaning
2:00-Content Decontamination
3:15-Source Removal
4:30-Class ends
If time allows: Marketing and Legal

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