Debra Rogers

When did you move into your current home?

We moved into our current home on December 29, 2014. We were forced to move in, despite the fact the home had no running water and was not completely ready for my wife. This is the home where we are creating the right environment for my wife to live and have effective treatment.

How many years have you lived there? How soon after you began living there did you begin to feel sick?

My wife began getting sick at the two rental homes we were in prior to purchasing the current home on a land contract. In 2011 she was relatively healthy, running, walking, and swimming regularly. At the end of that summer she was bit by a tick and began her severe downward spiral.

What were your symptoms?

She began having mono like symptoms, difficulty walking, difficulty with balance, and began losing weight. Within two years she was down to 95 pounds, completely bedridden, screaming in abdominal pain, and urinating every 15 minutes.

How many doctors did you consult with?

We took her, first, to a chiropractor and nutritionist who told her she was dealing with yeast/candida. He was actually helpful, the supplements he put her on kept her alive.

Then, we took her into the ER January 2013. The doctors told us there was nothing wrong with her as she lay screaming in pain, convulsing on the table. The next ER, at a different hospital told us the same thing. The specialist we were sent to said “There is nothing wrong with her, I’ve read the reports. I won’t see her until she has a neuro-psych work-up.” We walked out.

The next doctor told her she just had dry mouth and needed to take some over-the-counter spray to help with that!! One ER doctor had said he thought she looked like she may have metal toxicity and he would pursue that, which we did. We found she did have metal toxicity, but the doctor who did the testing for her wasn’t treating her properly and we weren’t making progress.

Finally, through a small church prayer meeting where they somehow got my wife’s name, a lady approached the pastor and gave him a name and number of Dr. James Neuenschwander at Bio Energy Medical Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The nurse practitioner took a look at the metal test and said it was accurate, but that there was something else behind this because my wife didn’t work in a place where she would have been exposed to metal toxins. It was then she asked about mold exposure.

How helpful were the doctors you consulted with?

Most of the doctors we worked with were completely worthless. Even more frustrating, because they could not find a solution, they assumed she must be mentally ill.

Did any of your initial doctor visits consider mold or air quality as the cause of your sickness?

None of the initial doctors considered mold or air quality as a cause of the problem.

When was mold identified as the cause of your sickness?

Mold was identified as the initial cause in May 2013.

What treatment are you currently under?

We began taking cholestyramine as a powder produced at a compounding pharmacy in Farmington Hills, MI. The doctor also put her on two steroids because she was so week and deathly ill; her adrenals were not functioning and she had not yet begun to gain any of her weight back.

We did chelation for the metals and that helped with the abdominal pain.

However, the doctor kept telling us we needed to get her in an environment that would allow her to heal. For our doctor, knowing my wife, he said we would have to have a house that was all hard surfaces, on a slab, with baseboard heat. He recommended getting rid of all fabric, meaning furniture would have to be wood or leather.

We were completely at a loss, as I had spent everything on medical bills to that point. After going homeless from December 29th, 2013 to December 29th, 2014, we finally moved into the house we are currently buying. We are almost done with everything, mold remediation is done, but she had developed severe chemical sensitivities with this and so we had to purchase a completely natural mattress. Hopefully in the next two weeks we will have everything done and then we will off gas the house for two days.


Once this is done, the doctor expects, with treatment, to see her off all IVs (she has been on IV’s for two years) within a month. She was on oxygen as well, but is now off of oxygen. She does a colon flush and a Meyers IV with glutathiomone flush once a week right now. The doctor is also having her do an LDI shot and then, once the house is finished and tested/checked, she will do an LDA series.

How long do your doctors think it will take to recover?

The doctor says he’s not sure how long it will take because it is not JUST mold, but he believes we will see a huge difference within a month of having everything done.

We have already seen a huge amount of progress between last year and this year. Two years ago, completely bedridden and screaming in pain. One year ago, on oxygen and IVs 24 hours a day as well as $600 worth of supplements, $300 a month of cholestyramine, two steroids, anti-hismanine, adavan, and naltrexone plus two treatments a week which, if we missed, she suffered terribly.

Now, since we have gotten into our home, even though it is not yet finished, she is off oxygen, she has cut down the amount of IVs, she has gone without her supplements (not purposely and she really still needs them, but not as much) for 6 months. She is no longer taking cholestyramine, but is using bentonite clay, she is down to one steroid, she has only had the colonics and Meyers IV twice in the last 6 months, although we will increase that when everything is done. She is walking on her own, driving short distances, working outside in our garden some days. We are confident we are on the right track and are praising God for the things he has taken us through.

Any thoughts?

I could share so much more because my wife’s case was complicated by metals and Lyme. However, if we had not had a doctor who understood the environmental aspect, we would have made no progress. My wife would have died, without a doubt. We are still raising money to finish the house and treatment and our story can be seen at


"The doctors told us there was nothing wrong with her as she lay screaming in pain, convulsing on the table."

"We were completely at a loss, as I had spent everything on medical bills to that point."

"We are confident we are on the right track and are praising God for the things he has taken us through."