Nine-Part Webinar Series

Whether you are a mold remediation company or a sensitized individual, you will benefit from this pre-recorded   9 Part Webinar Series that is available on-demand.  As a free introduction to this series, please view the 2 Part Round Table Session at the bottom of this page that includes perspective from an environmental hygienist, a health care professional, and a remediation contractor.


  •  Session 1: An overview to sensitized individuals including information on mold sensitization, chemical sensitization, how to identify and market services to such individuals, how restoration contractors can adapt current expertise to assist struggling individuals with source removal, content cleaning, whole house cleaning, and HVAC cleaning.

  • Session 2: Upgrading standard remediation practices to meet the requirements of sensitized individuals; with an emphasis on establishing an end point for the project prior to undertaking the work.

  • Session 3: Content cleaning, including a discussion of evaluation techniques to determine if cleaned items can be safely returned to the individual.

  • Session 4: Whole house cleaning, the missing piece in the puzzle of remediation for sensitized individuals.

  • Session 5: Dealing with the contaminant transport mechanism -- the HVAC system.

  • Session 6: Restoring and maintaining homes for sensitized individuals, proper selection of products and building/maintenance practices continues the success of the remediation.

  • Session 7: Seeing the connection between the medical and the environmental components of water damaged buildings (exploring some of the medical aspects and sampling research). 1 hour webinar.

  • Session 8: Assessing the options for individuals dealing with water damaged buildings.

  • Session 9: Building Performance – how to improve structures after the remediation to enhance air quality, keep occupants from relapsing, and create a safe space for sensitized individuals.