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Wonder Air Rental

Wonder Makers rents out the machine that the specialists use so that clients can do the air testing for themselves. It is called the Wonder Air (WA) and it picks up mold spores in the air, pollen, and particulates that are invisible to the eye. 

The rental includes:

  • The WA machine

  • Two bioaerosol cassettes (one indoor and one outdoor sample minimum is required for an accurate comparison reading)

  • Lab analysis 

  • Full lab report within seven business days

  • 15-minute phone consultation

Additional information:

  • The rental cost is $250

  • Additional cassettes are $65 each

  • There is a $500 deposit (frozen on a credit card or post-dated check until the machine is returned)

  • The client is responsible for shipping cost both ways (a return label will be included with the rental)

  • Rentals must be returned within 10 days

  • Call Wonder Makers (269-382-4154) to rent

*The Wonder Air is also available for purchase: here

Instructional Video: